Tron DAO mainnet upgraded to GreatVoyage in recent network update 

Published: November 3, 2023

Written by:Sam

The latest update strengthens, speeds up, and secures Tron’s network.

On October 25 Tron DAO announced that Tron’s main net network had been successfully upgraded to v4.7.4, also known as GreatVoyage/Chilon.

The “Chilon” upgrade to Tron’s ecosystem is non-mandatory but useful, nonetheless. The aim of the upgrade is to make it easier for future development son Tron to go through without a hitch.

Along with development improvements, the upgrade will make node startup speeds faster including their initialization making it easier for new Tron network nodes to be set up.

The overall network’s performance has also been improved making connections more stable and robust.

The upgrade arrived during the crypto market’s upward trend which has seen Tron’s native TRX token climb 8.6% over 2 weeks. 

In a recent study on fiat-backed stablecoins by ChicagoVC and 0xNsai, Tron DAO was featured alongside other top crypto networks such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Polygon.

The study showed that Tron’s stablecoin supply has consistently grown in 2023, an 18% YTD increase.