Tron blockchain reaches 190 million accounts with TVL at an all-time high

Published: October 19, 2023

Written by:Sam

Tron is on a roll this year with 190 million users and TVL reaching a historical all-time high.

Founded by Justin Sun back in 2018, Tron has come a long way since its inception and native TRX token release. 

On October 16, the Tron team took to Twitter to announce that the blockchain surpassed 190 million registered accounts. Alongside user growth, Tron’s TVL (Total Value Locked) is also on the move.

A blockchain’s TVL represents the amount of assets that are currently being staked, or locked, into a decentralized smart contract on-chain. For Tron, this indicates that a significant amount of crypto assets are being kept on the network.

According to recent data, Tron’s TVL reached a new all-time high of $6.648 billion on October 16. Contributors to Tron’s recent record-breaking numbers may be attributed to increased user trust, Tron being one of the largest blockchains for USDT settlements, and Tron’s own USDD stablecoin. 

Aside from new users and a high TVL, Tron’s overall network usage has been on a steady rise with daily transactions in an uptrend.

Tron Scan shows that on average, 5.17 million daily transactions are made on Tron over 30 days. In October 2023, the number of transactions increased by 8.3% over the past 30 days.